How To Care For Succulents

Getting started with succulents

Section: Where to start

Section: Potting your plants
Section: Succulent and cacti soil
Section: Watering your succulents
Section: How much water?
Section: Lighting needs for your succulents
Section: When to fertilise your succulents
Takeaway: Succulents are a beautiful and low maintenance plant, so long as the basics of care are followed.

What is a succulent?

What is a succulent

Section: The term “succulent” refers to any plant with thick, fleshy leaves or stems designed to store water in arid climates.

Section: Most succulents like bright, indirect light but there are a few varieties that can tolerate full sun.

Section: Though there are some exceptions, most succulents need well-draining soil to prevent root rot. Water them when the soil is completely dry or when the leaves start to wrinkle. You should water your plants thoroughly then allow the water to fully drain before putting the pot back in its saucer.
Section: When you over-water a succulent it will likely get soft and mush

Section: To help you get started on your succulent-growing journey, we’ve put together a quick guide to varietal types and care best practices.
Section: Varieties of Succulent Plants
Section: Light Requirements
Section: Watering Needs
Section: Transplanting and Propagation
Takeaway: I hope this guide helps you get started growing some awesome succulents!