Alocasia Stingray


The Alocasia Stingray is definitely a conversation starter with it’s stingray shaped leaves and detailed stems.

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Low Filtered Light

Low OR Filtered Light

Best with low light conditions, filtered light or shade.

Moderate Water

Moderate Water

Moderate water. More in summer, less in winter.

Plant Size


Pot Size: 13cm

Growth Rate

Growth Rate

Moderate Growth. Low Maintenance.

Alocasia stingray

Alocasia Stingray feature leaves that resemble the shape of stingrays and have gorgeous stripe detailed stems. This plant is definitely a conversation starter! 

They are easy to look after and make the perfect gift for any occasion!

How To Care

They love a low light or filtered light position and humidity, so don’t have it too close to the air con! Watering should be done at a moderate level. Wiping down the leaves regularly will prevent pests.


Potted in 13cm Nursery Pot.
Decorative pot sold separately.
Stingray shaped leaves.
Striped stems.
Thrives in humid conditions.
Loves low light or filtered light position.

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Low Light or Filtered Light


Moderate Water

Pet Friendly


Pot Size