Monstera Deliciousa


I’m a Monstera! Do you like my leaves? They’re kind of different, but I think they make me look nice.

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Full Light

Bright Light Position

Best with bright light conditions.

Low Water

Low Water

Low water. More in summer, less in winter.

Plant Size


Pot Size: 20cm

Growth Rate

Growth Rate

Moderate Growth. Matures to large plant.

Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa is a popular, easy-to-maintain houseplant. A tall, leafy plant, which in the right conditions can grow up to 2 metres tall. The most striking part are the plant’s leaves, which are dark green, glossy and can grow rather large as the plant matures. The leaves start as a sort of heart shape, but develop the splits and holes as the plant grows older.

How To Care

Start by setting your plant in a place that meets the bright light conditions.
Watering should be done at a moderate level – approximately every week or once the first 2 inches of soil is dry.


Potted in 20cm nursery pots.
Decorative pots are sold separately.
Dark green, glossy leaves.
Tall leafy plant.
Grows large as it matures.

Loves light.

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Bright Position


Low Water

Pet Friendly


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