Domino Peace Lily


I dedicate myself to creating a peaceful and harmonious environment for all, looking gorgeous with my variegated foliage.

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Low Filtered Light

Low OR Filtered Light

Best with low light conditions, filtered light or shade.

Low Water

Low Water

Low water. More in summer, less in winter.

Plant Size


Pot Size: 18cm

Growth Rate

Growth Rate

Moderate Growth. Low Maintenance.

Domino Peace Lily

Domino Peace Lily, is a gorgeous houseplant with splashes of white speckles all over its shiny, dark green foliage. It’s the variegated version of the more common peace lily. The produce lovely white flowers and only require minimal watering, ideally positioned in a filtered light space.

How To Care

Ideally the Domino Peace Lily prefers filtered light conditions but can also tolerate lower light conditions.

Ideal watering should be done at a moderate level – let your peace lily guide you. Once it’s looking a bit sad then give it a quench of water and it will be back up and looking 100% in a couple of hours.


Potted in 18cm nursery pots.
Decorative pots sold separately.
Shiny, dark green foliage
Lovely white flowers.
Minimal watering.
Ideal in a filtered light position.

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Low Light or Filtered Light


Low Water

Pet Friendly


Pot Size


Peace Lily Domino
Domino Peace Lily