Fiddle Leaf Fig


I’m bold and lush. I have beautiful, broad leaves and I love to be the centre of attention.

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Full Light

Bright Position

Bright light conditions with part sun or shade.

Moderate Water

Moderate Water

Moderate water. More in summer or dry, less in winter.

Plant Size


Pot Size: 25cm, 30cm

Growth Rate

Growth Rate

Moderate Growth. Regular Maintenance.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

(Ficus Lyrata) The Fiddle Leaf Fig is such a striking plant, it has become a staple indoor plant in recent years, loved for it’s bold appearance and lush foliage.  

How To Care

Choose a bright spot close to a window if growing indoors. Outdoors, they do well on patios or verandahs in shade or part sun.

Water regularly leaving the top of the soil to dry out in between waterings.

Keep leaves dust free by wiping them regularly and trim lower brown leaves to encourage new growth. Rotate the plant each week as the leaves bend towards the light and fertilise in warmer months.


25cm nursery pot – approximately 1m tall from base of pot.
30cm nursery pot – approximately 1.4m tall from base of pot.
Decorative pots and planters are sold separately.

Large tropical plant.
Thrives in humid conditions.
Bright sunlight when indoors but avoid harsh sun

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Bright Position


Moderate Water

Pet Friendly


Pot Size

25cm, 30cm