Peace Lily Sensation


This Peace Lily is Sensational! It bring jungle vibes and happiness to your space and also purifies the air!

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Low Filtered Light

Low OR Filtered Light

Best with low light conditions, filtered light or shade.

Moderate Water

Moderate Water

Moderate water. More in summer, less in winter.

Plant Size


Pot Size: 25cm

Growth Rate

Growth Rate

Slow Growth.

Peace Lily Sensation

Peace Lily Sensation produces large, deeply ribbed leaves that gives a jungle vibe to any space. Peace lilies are the best houseplants to help improve indoor air quality which makes them perfect for bedrooms, livings rooms, and offices. They enjoy medium to low light and moderate watering.

How To Care

Loves low light to filtered light conditions. Keep away from drafts or direct sunlight as the leaves can burn.
Watering should be done at a moderate level – it’s best to let your peace lily let you know when it needs watering. When you notice the leaves drooping a little, that’s the best time to water and will prevent over watering.


Dark green, large deeply ribbed leaves.
25cm Nursery Pots.
Decorative pots and planters sold separately.
Lush, jungle vibe.
Air filtering plant.
Loves shade.

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Low Light or Filtered Light


Moderate Water

Pet Friendly


Pot Size